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Left-Behind Senior

Back in 2014, I had a chance to meet these seniors left behind at their own homes alone. Since then, I have kept in touch with them for the past eight years. I made a promise to myself to visit them at least once every two years, to help them the way I could, to record their daily lives, and give them the photos I made. As a photographer, I take tens of thousands of photos a year. It is just routine works, but this small act makes a significant difference to these left-behind seniors because most of them never had a chance to shoot a self-portrait in their lifetime. 
They are the people who live at the edge of modern human society, impoverished and isolated. Therefore, they are incapable of handling and recovering from crises, such as Covid-19. In this project, I focused my lens on them, trying to arise more attention to them. Otherwise, when society distancing and lockdown measures to be eased, loneliness and depression will remain.

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