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Wenying Liu

Photographer /Art Collector


The artist's name is Wenying Liu; she was born and raised in the middle part of China. Now she is living both in Beijing and Bay Area.

She has been double-educated in China and unites states. She has built such strong artists' aesthetics and creativity in this circumstance.


We can tell by her work, as we use photography language, compositionally, she applied Blank space in her series, a traditional Chinese painting aesthetic characteristic that gives a sense of balance, rhythm, and connotation. However, on the other hand, A bold attempt at monochrome and dramatic cinematic lighting approaches enormously helped her conceptually and visually show her ideas.


In 2012, she left where she grew up and started her new chapter in the United States. Nothing has come too easy for her culturally. She studied English and business. After a year of seeking, all her effort did not fulfill her. So, she decided to drop off the business class to get into the photography course. Since then, she has finally been down to earth and stepped into the art world.


For ten years now, she still active in the Art field. However, she said that she felt the journey was just about to start with her mental and physical changes.

Exhibitions/ Magazine

05/2015         Look Gallery at the Academy of Art                                                        University, San Francisco, CA, USA

05/2016         Spring Show at the Academy of Art                                                       University, San Francisco, CA, USA

12/2016           Look Gallery at the Academy of Art                                                       University San Francisco, CA, USA

06/2017          Edge of Frame Gallery,San Francisco, CA, USA    


04/2018          APA LA’s 2018 Off the Clock Photography,Los                                     Angeles, CA, USA  

04/2018         PH21 Contemporary Photography Gallery,                                           Budapest, Hungary

04/2018         Peoria Art Guild Gallery, Illinois, USA


04/2018         2nd ONYX 2018 International Exhibition of                                           photography,Romania

04/2018         Portraiture Exhibition at the Specto Art Space                                    Gallery , Virginia, USA

04/2018         Features “Woman Crush Wednesday” on Musee                                Magazine

04/2018         Nominee in 4th edition of Fine Art Photography                                 Awards, London

05/2018         The Fine Art of Photography /2018 Eighth Annual                             Photography Exhibition ,Massachusetts, USA

06/2018         Solo show at the Academy of Art University

                         San Francisco, CA, USA  

06/2018          PX3 2018 Photography Competition, Award                                        Honorable Mention, Paris

10/2018           International Photography Awards, Honorable                                    Mention

10/2018           Group Show in SOMARTS in San Francisco, USA  


11/2018            311 Gallery Black and White Juried Show, NC, USA


11/2018            Features on “One Image” in Taiwan


12/2018           Group show in Plymouth Guild Gallery, MA, USA


12/2018           “In and Out ”_ Honorable Mention for Street                                         Photography 2018

12/2018            ND Awards for Professional Winners, Into Art-A                                   Photographic Deconstruction ,2018

12/2018            “Surreal” Group Show in Edge of Frame Gallery 


04/2019            Nominee in 5th edition of Fine Art Photography                                 Awards, Conceptual, London

08/2019.           International photography Exhibition, Dali, China 


12/2020.            International Color Photography Award,                                                Honorable Mention

12/2021             The Independent Photography, Open Call Award


03/2022             Features on "The Lookbook magazine

                            "5th Edition 

04/2022             The Center for Fine Art Photography Exhibition,                                 CO, USA 

04/2022              Features on "LensCulture "competition Gallery 


10/2022               Winner “color” section on Life Framer


10/2022               The 9th Jinan International Photography                                              Biennial, China

03/2023              Feature on Life Framer"Animal Kingdom "

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  • Art Span 

  • PDN Photo Serve Gallery 

  • SF-APA

  • Lens Culture 

  • Sienna International Award 

  • Friend of City Arts & Lectures 

  • Portrait Society of America   

  • “80-Year-Old Artist critique group” in Atherton, CA


        2014-present    Documentary project “Left-Behind Senior          

        2015-present    Portrait photography project about “Into                                               Art”, USA

        2018- 2019          As a photographer working at in                                            Marin County, CA

        2018-02.24         As a second photographer shooting Chinese                                         New Year Parade for Wells Fargo Bank,CA

        2018-03.17          As an assistant for Milt Reeder for Portrait                                             Shooting in CA, USA

        2018-08               As a photographer for movie “Time Crisis”,                                           USA

        2018-11             As a Photographer for movie “Imposter”, USA


        2018-2019        As a Photographer working for Mark Leet                                               Photography Company in San Francisco, CA


Photography:  Film and Digital, 35mm, 4x5, medium format, Canon, Hasselblad


Mixed Media:  photo transfer on different material, wax, gel skin, painting on photos


Alternative and Historical processes:  pinhole, mural printing, cyanotype, gum printing, wet plate


Adobe Photoshop and Light Room Post Production Software:  Retouching, Compositing


2014-2017     MFA Photography, Academy of Art University,

                       San Francisco, USA

2013-2014     MBA in UCSN, Los Angles, USA


2008-2010     BFA Music Education, China 

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