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The Beauty of Imperfection 

Because of their fresh beauty and vibrant appearance, sunflowers are loved by most people. I love that too. However, I adore dried sunflowers more because they offer another perspective of beauty. In contrast to brightly colored, plump petals of fresh blooming flowers, faded and dried petals can display different beauties. When flowers have lost their appeal, they can be found to be the purest and most significant kind of beauty. More than just its appearance, it comes from something more profound. It evokes a lasting memory of its former state when the sunflower decays.


A dried sunflower is a delicately crafted sculpture. However, it must be surrounded by negative space to stand out from the others. Age, loss, and decay are represented in a negative space. However, the beauty of time and wisdom can be seen through the flowers that describe this space as examples of perfect imperfection.


As the wrinkled face of an old man there is a certain wisdom in this imperfection that comes directly from time. A young person's face is attractive. However, the beauty of wisdom comes only with time. Those dead sunflowers now have a insight new layer of beauty, that tells us nothing is perfect or permanent.


What a lovely thing it is to think of something beautiful that holds wisdom and memories of our most precious gifts while our lives are filled with fleeting moments that constantly comes and goes.

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